This is an X-Cell Sport 60. It has a few upgrades including a longer boom, twin tail supports, carbon-fibre frames and a rear mount tail servo. All of the radio gear is Futaba, including the GY-501 gyro, matched digital servo, the Governor and the six servos (the extra one being for in-flight mixture control). It has a PCM receiver and 2400mAh five cell flight pack. The engine is an OS 61 WC.

MakeMiniature Aircraft
ModelX-Cell Sport 60
Model Length1370mm (54")
Model Height420mm (16½")
Weight4.640kg (10lb 4oz)

Power Train
EngineOS .61 Max SX
Exhaust PipeZimmerman 2691 (I think)
Main Blade Length680mm (26¾")
Tail Blade Length108mm (4¼")

Radio Gear
Receiver Crash BoxNo
Receiver NicadNi-Mh 5 cell (6v) 2400mAh
Aileron ServoFutaba FP-S148
Elevator ServoFutaba FP-S148
Pitch ServoFutaba FP-S148
ThrottleFutaba S3003
Rudder ServoFutaba S9253
GyroFutaba FP-G154
Switch etc.Futaba
Onboard Battery Checker4.8v / 6.0v switchable

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